Oddly enough in the technological age, Reddit does not reach out to its users via email. In fact, adding your email is optional when signing up for an account. Crazy, I know.

As discussed last week, all communications from the company to users are done through two major subreddits: /r/blog and /r/announcements. User accounts are automatically subscribed to these subreddits, allowing posts to populate in all users’ newsfeeds.

As far as I can discern, the company communicates as the need arises, and is not on a timed communication flow. There was only one post in /r/blog since last week. Again, this is contrary to the business practices of many companies in the communication-heavy era in which we live. But, by only focusing on message and not schedule, the communications from the company carry weight. By saving announcements for truly newsworthy occasions, when Reddit speaks, users listen.

Anyways, IF Reddit were to reach out to users, I can imagine their communications looking a little something like this:

Subject Line: New Penguin Memes

Dear PenguinMemeLover, (reddit does not ask for names, so it would have to use user names)

Based on your account subscriptions, we get the feeling you enjoy memes with Penguins. As the dedicated provider of content that we are, we felt it our duty to alert you of two new subreddits created that may have penguin memes: /r/iheartpenguins and /r/penguingenuine.

Disclaimer* As a dedicated Redditor, we know that you know that users decide the content on Reddit. If the subreddits that we directed you to do not pertain to penguin memes, or if they have inappropriate or illegal content, just let us know. (hyper link)

Enjoy the endless flow of content and may the karma be ever in your favor!


The Reddit Team

If Reddit were to send the above email, the success of the email could be judged by web traffic to and subscription rates of the email’s suggested subreddits. They could also monitor the click through rate from the email.

Part of Reddit’s charm is the limited personal information they ask you to provide when setting up an account. Adding an email is optional when signing up. Users that do add an email are rewarded with a virtual trophy for their trophy case. This is yet another fun way Reddit gets users to engage but still remains transparent.

To obtain more emails, the company could ask users to sign up through Facebook accounts, or to invite their email contacts to join (like the LinkedIn model). I don’t see Reddit doing that though, especially since they currently have access to lots and lots of email addresses and don’t do anything with them. I have had an account with this site for nearly three years and have never once gotten an email from the company, nor does it appear that they sold my email.

The lack of direct email communication from my favorite content site has left me on my own to discover new sources for penguin memes. And even in the technologically-driven, communication crazy world, I have somehow survived.


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