Creating Value Through a Shared Cause and Other CRM Techniques

Reddit’s CRM practices do not apply to the individual user. As noted in a previously, much of Reddit’s success comes from their attitude of non-interference. The company does not reach out to the individual user, thus making traditional CRM a moot point.

What Reddit does do in their approach to CRM is earn the respect of the redditors, thus earning long term loyalty. The site uses its clout and interconnected communities to fight for large-scale, worthwhile causes. One notable cause Reddit recently banded its community together to protect was net neutrality.

Net neutrality is a current Internet freedom that has been in jeopardy many times. To simplify, as it stands now, ISPs cannot charge customers more money for using specific sites. (The sites themselves can charge for their services, but ISPs, like Comcast, cannot add additional fees for accessing certain sites.) While ISPs may charge for the amount of Internet used, generally measured in gigabytes, they cannot charge customers more money based on the sites they are frequenting. While this may seem like common sense, there have been several legislative attacks on net neutrality in the last few years. Often corporate entities use lobbyists to attempt to get bills pushed through that would allow ISPs to charge customers more money when using certain sites, like Netflix.

And to this, Reddit said “Hell No.”

Through massive awareness campaigns and sincere CTAs, Reddit has helped to unify their user-base against attacks on net neutrality. As mentioned here, Reddit does not often reach out to its users. So when it does, users listen. And by waiting for worthwhile causes, Reddit has created long term value for its users while protecting itself as a company. The loss of net neutrality would be negative for both Redditors and Reddit.

According to an article on, the purpose of CRM is to “ideate strong personal bonding within people. Development of this type of bonding drives the business to new levels of success.” By giving users a platform to come together as a community to speak out against attacks on net neutrality, Reddit has created a tangible value for customers.

Customer service at Reddit, like their CRM, is on the large-scale level. Typically this is achieved through an increased UX. The company continually expands its servers, creating a better overall experience for more users, and this is their largest customer service effort.
Customers also have channels in which to report inappropriate content or to give suggestions, but for the most part, Reddit’s back seat approach keeps the company from directly interacting on the individual level. While this is not a traditional customer service model, it does give the people what they want, and is therefore a great example of their true customer facing practices.

Navigation. Upon first glance, Reddit can appear to be overwhelming. The homepage is sparse on images and heavy on content. The amount of links on the landing page of the site make it quickly apparent how large the site is. Beyond the sheer magnitude of content on the site, though, the consistency of each subreddit makes the site very navigable. Though the content of each subreddit is dramatically different, varying in not only subject but medium as well, the general layout of all 9000 subreddits is very similar.

Reddit follows best practices in terms of the basic page design. The company’s logo is located in the top left corner, and clicking it takes the user back to the home page. There is no left navigation bar, but each subreddit has a similar right navigation. The top navigation is personalized based on the subreddits in which each user has subscribed. Menu categories do not describe their contents, and must be clicked to find more information. Reddit is designed with a shallow and wide navigation, with only three levels- homepage, subreddit page, and posts/comments. While the subreddit name can be confusing, if the wrong subreddit is clicked, one just has to click the back button to get back to the homepage.

Thanks for reading. I hope you all enjoyed it. **Throwaway for obvious reasons.


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